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Our mission is to advise and promote all young people who are starting in the fascinating world of the Internet whether they are Enthusiastic, Freelancers or Entrepreneurs regarding the best practices, Software, Resources, and Web Platforms for the creation, editing, and marketing of video solutions. 



There are currently online platforms of excellent reputation and global reach that offer a variety of part-time or full-time employment options, so it is essential to develop the right skills and have the right software to save time and money. 


The great demand for Microservices by Youtubers such as the creation of Miniatures, Animated Logos, Intros, and Outros for the channels are tasks that can be done quickly achieving a good reputation in the networks and an extra income!



VideoEditorSoft.com is an affiliate website, as you will know the heart of the business is to promote third-party products and services and collect a commission when they are hired.


This online business method is one of the most developed at the moment because it integrates two strategic issues such as low initial investment and great freedom of choice of those brands or products that you are going to promote.


It is true that to grow you have to be professional, choose the market niche well, make good advertising campaigns in the big of the big internet companies like Google and Facebook and have an SEO strategy to capture organic traffic to your sales funnel.


All these questions require work, learning and a lot of practice …but I am convinced that this is the way to develop multiple sources of income on the Internet and share our experience with our successes and mistakes.


Total Successes !!!!

Willy – Founder Video Editor Soft.com



the start & future

A year ago I set out to investigate the Internet what is the best alternative to generate income from my home and at the same time have the possibility of being able to work traveling the world, what is now known as digital nomads. 
I discovered that the fastest way to start generating income is to work as a FREELANCER on an online platform with a high reputation. 
To do this you need to develop a skill in a specific niche and promote your services to the right audience on social networks.
I consider that the easiest and cheapest ability to learn with growing demand is related to VIDEO (Animated Logos, Video Marketing, Video for social networks, Intros and Outros for YouTube, 2D Video, 3D Video, etc.)
In addition to selling stability to third parties, It will be very useful when you want to create your own affiliate marketing business.
That’s why I decided to create Video Editor Soft.com to help all those who want to work freelance and gradually create an online business that generates passive income through affiliate marketing.

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